3.24 CWDT Build Calculators

Loop Calculator

Yes No

Two One

Skeleton Damage computing.. ( x )
Forbidden Rite Damage computing..
Total Damage computing.. ( required)

Loop Status computing..
Health lost per loop computing..
Safe %inc dmg taken computing..

Flask Calculator

Scion/PF Others
2 3 4 5

Flask Status computing..
Flask Uptime (approx) computing..
Health Lost per loop

If any part of your self damage is greater than your Ward, then don't use Mind Over Matter or you'll run out of mana. You cannot run less recovery map mods. It does not break the build, but you have to be careful.

You can adjust the damage taken from Forbidden Rite by adjusting your chaos resistance or your life.

Safe %inc dmg taken

This is the amount of #% increased damage taken modifiers you can suffer without losing health from your self damage. If this number is low (or monsters keep killing you), mitigate Shocks and Curses as explained in the guide.

Cast when Damage Taken gem levels and quality

If any CwDT gem has a higher effective level or lower quality than the gem in your body armour, repeat the calculation for both gems.

The CwDT gem linked to Forbidden Rite does not take damage from Forbidden Rite (it is on cooldown when the damage happens). It must be low enough to be triggered by Skeleton damage alone.

About Flasks

The flask status is based on a simulation. We do not know the exact internal rounding used by PoE for flask duration and flask charges, but otherwise the simulation should be accurate.

The flask uptime is an approximation, comparing average flask charges gained with flask charges spent. Numbers above 100% are possible.

You can find your flasks stats in your character sheet. Press C and go to Misc Tab. Even though the form says Olroth's, the formulas work for other flasks as well.